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At Printable Direct we provide you with printable items which are among the best available. Our 'we create - you print' approach means you do not have to spend a lot of time designing everyday items for use at home or in your business.

Whether you want to find a calendar, print games, use sample letters or print charts we have provided a range of printable products that meet your needs. One of our latest features is to include a collection of printable recipes. In short, we have put in the time developing the printable items so you don't have to. And best of all, our printable products are free!

Blank Printable Calendar

Use our blank printable 2014 calendar as a convenient way of noting all those important dates and events you need to remember at home or in your business or organisation. Any time you need to plan your month, our blank printable calendars will bring order to your life.

Blank printable calendar Simply click on the calendar link and you will be shown a new window with the free blank printable calendar in it. The first calendar you see will be for the current month, however you can scroll by month or by year to any month you need the calendar for. Just use the links at either side of the top of the calendar.

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Free Printable Weekly Planners

Free printable weekly PlannersWith our free printable weekly planners you can plan the week ahead and have a clear note of all that is happening. Simply select the month for which you want to have the calendars printed, and you can print the calendars for each week on separate pages. The planner provides a space for writing entries for each day of the week, and provides the date and day in the box. Simply select the appropriate month by scrolling to the required month, whether in 2014 or another year.

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Printable Sudoku Puzzle

printable Sudoku puzzleUse our free printable Sudoku puzzle generator to create puzzles to challenge you when you need some relaxation. With 10,000 puzzles available, the three levels of difficulty mean that there are 30,000 printable sudoku puzzles available for you to print. Simply select the level of difficulty from the links below, and you will be presented with a pop up windo which will display a Sudoku puzzle and its answer for printing on a single page.

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Goodbye letter for co workers

When writing a goodbye letter for co-workers you may find it is quite an emotional experience. Work plays a big part in our lives, and when we leave a place of employment we often want to mark the event by writing a letter to our colleagues afterwards.

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Friendly letter worksheets

A friendly letter is usually one which is written to a relative, friend, or someone you know quite well. Some business letters may be written in a friendly format, where your relationship with another person or organisation is one of close friendship, and not just business.

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Rap Rhyming Dictionary

A rap word generator that generates rap lyrics with matching endings. Enter a word ending into the search box to find rhyming words.

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Blank Printable Calendar

Blank Calendar To Fill In

Printable 2013 Calendar

2013 Year Planner

Printable 2014 Calendar

2014 Year Planner

Printable 2015 Calendar

2015 Year Planner

Printable 2016 Calendar

2016 Year Planner

Free Printable Weekly Planners

Calendar Template

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Printable Sudoku Puzzle

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Personal Reference Letter

Friendly Letter Worksheets

Goodbye Letter For Co Workers

Letter For Employee References

Leave of Absence Example Letters

Sample Letter of Sympathy Condolence

Sample Cancel Service Letter

Write Sorry Letter to Girlfriend

Sample Letter of Business Closure

Sample Hardship Letter

Debt Settlement Letter

Printable Alphabets and Words

Printable Christmas Alphabet

Printable Bubble Letters

Free Printable Alphabet

Rap Word Generator

Printable Math Table

Multiplication Chart 1 to 100

Printable Coupons

Printable manufacturers grocery coupons

Printable Grid Paper

Free printable grid paperPrintable grid paper is useful when you need some useful guides for drawing diagrams or graphs, but don't have access to a shop or stationary store. You always know you can get some extra paper when needed, and can print it off on demand. Our printable grid paper is available anywhere you have access to the Internet and a printer. This means if you are on a business trip, or just want to demonstrate some trends in the office, you can use our printable grid paper as required.

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Free Printable Mazes

Free printable mazesUse our free printable mazes to focus your mind on a little problem rather than a big one. By clicking on the link below you can create a maze puzzle in a new window. This can then be printed to give you a maze puzzle to investigate. To get a new maze puzzle simply click on the lnk again.

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Free printable alphabet and printable letter stensils

Use our free printable alphabet and printable letter stensils to create unusual letter shapes. The letters can be printed individually and used for all kinds of activities around the home and in class at school. Simply click on the letter of your choice and a new window will open with that letter as a printable image. Use File/Print in that window to print out the letter for use as you will.

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Printable Word Puzzles

Printable word puzzles and printable word searches are available online to print as you need them. Each time you select a word puzzle using the link below, a new puzzle will open in a new window. You can then print this word search andcomplete it when you have some time. You can complete it when you are travelling as a passenger in a car, or on a bus or train journey into work.

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Free printable map USA

If you are looking for a map of USA you should find one in our selection to meet your needs. For a map of United States printable directly on your own printer, select the appropriate link and download the PDF map for printing. There is a range of maps available which includes a map of 52 states in USA with or without the state and state capital names.

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Free printable Christmas alphabet and printable Christmas letter stensils

Use our free printable Christmas alphabet and printable Christmas letter stensils to create unusual letter shapes. The letters can be printed individually and used for all kinds of activities around the home, in your church or youth group and in class at school. Simply click on the letter of your choice and a new window will open with that letter as a printable image. Use File/Print in that window to print out the letter for use as you will.

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Down Jones Chart

Down Jones Chart or more precisely the Dow Jones Chart and its relevance to the US economy is explained.

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Free Satellite View of Home

Satellite view of home or free satellite view of home to download. Find out about satellite photograph options.

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Personal reference letter of recommendation

If you are to provide a personal letter of recommendation for someone, it is important that you plan it carefully and provide the information in a well structured way. We have provided an example letter of personal reference which you can use as a personal recommendation letter template.

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Blank Organizational Charts

We have provided sample organization charts for a number of different business structures. For each type, there is a blank organization chart with no text, and also a printable organization chart with a legend.

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Letter for employee references

You may be asked to write a letter for employee references for someone who works for you in a company, or for someone who has carried out some work for you as part of an external company or organisation. Based on your knowledge of their work and abilities, you can write them a letter of reference for a job.

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Printable bubble letters

Where you need an outline of alphabet letters for school or kindergarten, our printable bubble letters provide the perfect base for drawing and painting. Printable bubble letters can be printed individually.

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Quotes about mother and daughter relationships

There are many quotations about family life and family members. Some of the most memorable ones are quotes about mother and daughter relationships. This is because the mother and daughter relationship is one of the strongest in the family.

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Boss's Day Quotes

Boss's day is an institution that started in the USA, but has now been adopted in many other countries. It was devised by Patricia Bays Haroski in 1958 in honour of her father, and is celebrated on his birthday, October 16th.

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The List Zone

This section contains useful lists that make life easy when you need a set of information in a handy list format. Each topic has a web page containing the list, and a version available in a convenient printable format.

List of Countries in the World

President List Chronological Order

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List of presidential pardons reprieves

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