Blank Crossword Template for Blank Crossword Puzzle

Blank crossword template for crossword puzzle

Our blank crossword template is an excellent starting point for creating a crossword puzzle. You will be able to use a blank crossword puzzle sheet as a base on which to add your puzzle. We provide you with a grid for adding the crossword words, and a set of lines on which you can write the clues.

Blank crossword puzzle templateThere are three sizes of blank crossword grid:

Small blank crossword template is 10 squares by 10 squares.
Medium blank crossword template is 15 squares by 15 squares.
Large blank crossword template is 20 squares by 20 squares.

Simply use the appropriate link below to display the printable blank crossword puzzle template in your preferred size. It will be displayed in a new window which you can print.

Fill in the words on the sheet, adding vertical and horizontal words as required. Number the words in the grid. When you have added all the words you want to, shade in the empty squares to complete the puzzle. Below the squared puzzle, list the clues for horizontal rows and vertical columns beside the corresponding numbers in the clue list.

<Print blank crossword template now! - 10 square>

<Print blank crossword template now! - 15 square>

<Print blank crossword template now! - 20 square>

Printable blank crossword template for blank crossword puzzle sheet can be printed using the links above to suit your printer settings, and to reflect the range and size of words you want to include in the crossword puzzle.

Blank Crossword Template for Crossword Puzzle in schools.

Our blank crossword template can be used in school or kindergarten to create word exercises in English classes. By using a blank crossword puzzle you can ask pupils to create a crossword puzzle. They can use words you have given them, or use their own words. You might want to specify a theme the crossword puzzle could be based on. This will get the pupils to think about the range of words in that theme, and to check their spelling. The blank crossword template will enable them to add their words and clues on a standard blank crossword puzzle sheet. this can be used as a blank crossword puzzle maker for the whole class.

Print out our blank crossword template for your chosen size, and make your life easier when creating a crossword puzzle..