Printable Calendar Template

Calendar template

Use our calendar template as a method for creating the calendar of your choice. You can use it to list all those important dates and activities that you have used to plan activities at your home, work or office. When you need to plan or schedule your activities for a month, our calendar template can be used to bring order and structure to your activities. Click on the calendar template link below and you will be presented with a new window that contains a calendar to fill in. The initial calendar you see will be for the current month, but you can scroll forward or backward by month or by year to any month you need to create a calendar template for. Simply use the links at the sides of the top of the calendar to select the month of your choice.

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Format of our Calendar Template

Calendar templateThis calendar template has been designed to maximise space in the cells for each day. This means that you can enter larger amounts of information into each cell, and it will be displayed clearly and in an uncluttered way. A calendar template gives you freedom to record and present information in your own way. The calendar template should fit onto A4 size paper when printed.

Calendar Template Printing

Our calendar template is designed to print calendars in portrait format, so you can see each month layout clearly. When you are printing a calendar, go to the browser File/Print-Preview option to preview how it will appear when printed. Each calendar template has been optimized to print on a standard A4 sheet of paper. Should you have any difficulty in fitting it onto a standard page you can adjust the print margins in the File/Print Setup option, however this should be rarely required.

Using Our Calendar Template

Our calendar template can make your life easier in many ways. With a calendar template you can have a calendar or plan placed on your kitchen notice board or in any convenient location. You can then add all your family events such as dinner bookings and school events in the larger rectangle for each day. You need never forget an arrangement again. A calendar template will ensure you keep track of all that is happening in your family life. Print a number of calendars for different activities in your family life.

Our calendar template is especially useful in clubs or other organizations where events need to be displayed on a notice board. Simply display the calendar and add the event information as required. Our calendar template will help your organization keep to its schedules and plan for the future.