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Down Jones Chart

The Down Jones Chart or more precisely the Dow Jones Chart shows the progress of share prices in the USA. Because the share price is tracked over a long period of time, the Down Jones Chart or Dow Jones Chart shows long term trends in the US economy. The Dow Jones Industrial Average Chart is one form of a Down Jones Chart that illustrates the current performance of the US Industrial economy.

The Down Jones Chart can be provided for a number of different time spans. For example there is a 100 year Dow Jones Chart and a 30 Year Dow Jones chart. By looking at the trend over a number of years, it is possible to predict the development of a bull market or a bear market. A bull market is one in which there is strong growth of share prices.


In a bear market, growth is much more limited, or even declines, and there is a tendency for investors to move funds from share investments to cash. This ensure that profits made during the bull market period are not lost, but are kept on hold securely during the bear market. When a bull market is predicted again by using tools like the Down Jones Chart or Dow Jones Chart, the funds can be transferred from cash back into stocks and shares.

As you can see, the use of a Down Jones Chart or Dow Jones Chart is vital when viewing trends in the US economy over a period of time, and in providing financial market information.