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Printable Human Skeleton

This is a convenient printable human skeleton to print and use in school, college or university work. Use our free printable human skeleton to illustrate answers to questions on anatomy and physiology. Biology students in particular will benefit from this image of a printable human skeleton.

Printable human skeletonThe skeleton image is not annotated, but there is white space around all the edges where labels and text can be added. This printable human skeleton is presented as an image in two parts. Both the front view and the back view of the skeleton are given, making it easier to identify parts of the skeleton which may normally be hidden from view.

Simply use the link below to display the printable human skeleton. It will be displayed in a new window which you can print. When you heve printed the skeleton, simply close the window and return to the main site.

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Printable Human Skeleton for School, College or University Work

Students who are studying biology, anatomy or physiology at school, college or university often need a printable human skeleton to include in their reports. Sometimes they need images of discrete parts of the skeleton such as the skull, pelvis, arm or leg bones. Often, however, they need a diagram of the complete skeleton so that they can add their own annotation to illustrate their work. In these cases, our printable human skeleton diagram would be a useful feature of their work.

An important aspect of this image of the skeleton is that both a front and back view are presented. Often, only the frontal view is given, and this type of image may not be useful where the anatomical feature being discussed is to the rear of the body. With the printable human skeleton we display here, both the front view and back view are visible, making the image more versatile for use in illustrating a wide variety of work.