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Printable World Time Zone Map

Across the worl the sun is continuously rising and setting. One person's dawn is another person's sunset. Because of this, the world is divided into a series of world time zones. These are standardized belts of time that run from North to South around the globe.

As you will see from our printable world time zone map, the time zones are not divided by vertical straight lines, but are drawn to reflect state and national boundaries, and areas of large or dense population. The time zone boundaries have been designed to cause the least disturbance by splitting countries, states, cities and large urban areas.

The following link will display a printable world time zone map in a new window for printing.

<Printable World Time Zone Map>

Printable world time zone mapThe printable world time zone map we have provided appear in a popup window, and can be printed onto A4 paper. The page format of the paper needs to be set to landscape to enable the whole map to appear on a single page.

Our printable world time zone map is color coded to highlight the breaks in time zones. You will note that time zone boundaries often show a lot of deviation to allow for national boundaries and local population variation.

The world time zones are of course only one view of time around the world. We have also provided a US time zone map so you can see how world and international time zones relate to US time zones.

End of printable world time zone map.