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Rap music has a close association with Hip-Hop music, and has developed its own complex mix of word rhymes and rhythms. It is essentially a form of poetry that accompanies music at 4 beats to the bar. The word falling on each beat is emphasised, which maintains the rhythm.

Rapping can be described in terms of content, flow and delivery. Flow in rap music is a combination of rhyme and rhythm. The presentation of all aspects of rapping is heavily dependant on the use of rhyming words. The ability to find appropriate words that rhyme is an essential requirement of the rap music composer. Our rap word dictionary and generator makes this easier for everyone. Identifying words for rapping just got easier with our rapping dictionary.

Rap Word Generator for Lyrics

To use our rap word dictionary and generator, identify the word ending you want to create rhyming words for, and enter it into the search box. Our word generator will search a database of over 400,000 words to identify those that have similar endings.

Our rap lyric generator will display all words that have matching endings. For very common endings this may result in a lot of rhyming words being identified. In this case you could modify the ending to try and narrow down the list of words. Use the word generator for brainstorming and exploring new words and rhyme combinations.

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Use our rap word generator to generate rap names in addition to rap lyrics. This tool it different from other dictionaries in that it finds words with similar endings rather than words that have simlar starting letters and syllables.

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