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Satellite view of home

Many people like to have a collection of photographs or views of their home taken in unusual settings. Satellite view of home or free satellite view of home is perhaps the most unusual photograph of your home you will be able to find. A standard view of the home on a good day, and in bright sunshine, is often enhanced by adding views of the property in different seasons. This can form an unusual set of photographs of the home, and can be an excellent feature on one wall of a room. When you have provided all the photographs you can of your home or property, taken a ground level, the only remaining angle is to take the photographs from above.

Aerial photographs of a home, farm or ranch have been available for many years, These have been taken by photographers in planes, helicopters or even on fire engine ladders when the opportunity arises. The development of satellite technology, and its commercial availability, means that it is now possible to add another perspective to the list of photograph possibilities - the satellite view.

As the use of satellites to provide images of earth has moved from military and spy applications to commercial, industrial and agricultural applications, the next step has been to provide personalised satellite view of home or free satellite view of home images.

Satellite view of home in Florida
Satellite photograph provided by NASA

Something you should think about as a security consideration is that while you may want to have a satellite view of your home, property, farm or ranch as a decorative feature, a criminal can use it as a planning tool. The satellite photograph will show the location of sheds, paths and escape routes. You need to look at th ephotograph as a security planning tool, and see where you need to add extra locks and lighting.

If you want to have the truely complete set of photographs of your home, use satellite view of home or free satellite view of home photographs to add the final touches to your set, so your home can be truely seen form any viewpoint. You will find satellite view of home or free satellite view of home images available on Google Maps as as one option.